Iberoamerican Society of Neonatology – SIBEN

Nonprofit Foundation ("Not For Profit") and registered in the United States under Federal, Tax and Legal regulations of that country Public Charity ("Public Charity").

Until the creation of SIBEN, Latin America lacked a dedicated collaboration in neonatal medicine and nursing among the countries of the region. The usefulness of this Company focused on the Neonatal Society has been and is to collaborate to facilitate communication, knowledge dissemination and advancement of professionals who contribute to the welfare of the newborn and his family in this region of the world.

This Society countless hopes and dreams of many neonatologists and neonatal nurses are housed. This Society countless hopes and dreams of many neonatologists and neonatal nurses are housed. People whose daily actions, with passion and dedication contribute to make this world a better place, improving neonatal care as individual care, of a newborn baby at a time. People looking for solutions for newborns and their families in action, improving neonatal care without blocking, exclusion and discrimination against those seeking that very second before everything and anything.

Our community is very important and when we work together with the same goals all make things better for the community. Sometimes that commitment is necessary to move watertight compartments so as not be more of the same; be different for different results despite the difficulties and the opposition encountered by trying to show and walk different paths that lead to improved neonatal care in the region. SIBEN pursues this objective in their work and actions.


We are an organization formed by neonatologists-pediatricians, created to improve the quality of newborn care and offer optimum quality life in the Ibero-American countries.

Our proposal is to provide updated scientific and human reasoning with continuing education.

We promote ethical research and represent our members against various public and private entities, for the welfare and development of the neonatal health sector.


Ensure that, in a period no longer than a decade, the objectives of education and service of this collaborative group, have contributed to improving the Neonatal indicators in the countries of Ibero-America and thereby decreasing the gap and variability within different regions of the area.


Our organization strategies are based on two main objectives:

Facilitate, support and implement educational programs related to neonatal health in Latin American countries. 

To promote, facilitate and support actions only governed by the codes of ethics, within a framework of professional integrity.