SEGUI-SIBEN is formed by many professionals from various countries in the region. The leadership and coordination is currently in construction.

Sarahi Valles, Venezuela (
Lidia Giudici: Argentina (
Anabell Pereira: Venezuela (
Cristina González Amaro: Mexico (cga2107@gmail.comSarahi Valles, Venezuela ( Giudici: Argentina ( Pereira: Venezuela ( González Amaro: Mexico (


The V Siben Congress agreed at start-up a consensus with guidelines among the participating centers, setting as the first guideline to those premature newborn with extreme low birth weight. Firstly, it was agreed organization and working algorithm, the project was approved by the SIBEN Board and thereafter worked with the dissemination and organization in working groups one for each of the 4 subjects to agree, each one with 2 coordinators, a secretary and between 15 and 20 participants answered the questions made by the coordinators. We considered all those who participated actively in the preparation and practical guides as coauthors thereof. This guide was published in 2011 and has had great acceptance among stakeholders. If you are a Siben member you can download it today from this website.

We already started to develop the II Consensus Volume II of the following of the High Risk NB that includes some of the following areas:

• Newborn with surgical alterations. 

• Nursing in monitoring the newborn high risk

• Early interventions during the first years of High Risk Newborns. 

• Children who are discharged from neonatology with Chronicle Needs for Technological Support. 

• Strategies skin to skin care in Latin America.


The SeguiSIBEN group was formed in 2005 as part of the SIBEN Mission-Vision. At that time, in an unprecedented original initiative in Latin America, SIBEN Board decides that tracking newborns discharged from the neonatal intensive care should be an essential part of society or corporation such as SIBEN and invites professionals interested in this area to establish and develop SeguiSIBEN.

Since then SeguiSIBEN has been consolidated through communication and participation of members from different regions and countries interested in improving the quality of care of those newborn at risk who have been discharged from the neonatal units of the countries of Latin America, with universally recognized risk and therefore require special attention and vigilance.

Given the importance of this task in improving the outcomes of neonatal care, the Board decided that the 2008 Annual SIBEN Congress should be chaired by an professional with high experience  and specialized in monitoring high risked NB 

Communication between members has been gradually given through the exchange of emails and communication between thn and fast in the workshops held during the Annual Congress SIBEN, Videoconferencing and Conferences Group incurred since 2007.

Through these years we have been incorporating members from different countries. It is expected to have referents designated in each country or region to optimize the performance of our group. Currently we have to nominate the 2014 Counselor.

Since the creation of tasks SeguiSIBEN preliminary diagnostic tasks of monitoring progress on High Risk  NB in Latin America have been developed. During the workshops clinical cases were treated and experts were invited so as to deal with different topics and issues of the following up, we had the honor of inviting two foreign guests of international prestige in the area of high risk follow up: Dr. M. Hack of USA and Dr. S. Saigal Canada.

If within the field of neonatal care you are interested in monitoring neonatal patients who are discharged as high risk patient, and you are member of SIBEN and want to belong to our group, please contact us

What is shown till now is only a small sample of what can be achieved by working in teams and where contributions add up. New professionals with similar concerns multiply and enrich the action achieving this workgroup. The engine has been and continues to be the need to meet even more Latin American babies and share our different realities, ideas, ways of working, to support and grow as a group to disseminate updated knowledge strategies and monitoring plans for change that improve and contribute directly to the health of our babies. We hope to keep you in Segui-SIBEN and incorporate more and more members. Do not hesitate to contact us to continue to participate actively. 

Dr. G Bauer made the Collaborative SIBEN Research Study: Early development in children who were born with a very low birth weight and were premature: systematic application of the CAT / CLAMS scale. Collaborative project between outpatient programs monitoring high risk infants from different regions of Argentina. "Developed with funds gain obtained in the V Congress SIBEN there. Labour was awarded in SIBEN.

Segui-SIBEN: New Digital Tool 

Dear Members of SIBEN

We are pleased to share a new and exciting Siben initiative to assist in the care of the postdischarged and make it pleasing to your daily work, sometimes exhausting but always hopeful.

With funding and support from SIBEN in SEGUISIBEN we have developed a modern and interactive digital tool accessible from any mobile device or desktop. It is very useful and easy to use in carrying out checks on the child up. It is available free for all active Siben members, as the spirit of this partnership is to collaborate with permanently improve neonatal health.


-Exclusive access to their patients with a personal security key. Anyone without this password can access. 

- Each patient is summarized automatically and can know at a glance the neuro-sensory and nutritional status of the child.

- At the end of each visit a summary is made, given to each parent or to whom it concerns

- Guidelines are included for monitoring and nutritional recommendations. 

- Using this digital tool or computerized medical record, offered at no cost, you will be provided daily care provided to children. And it is also important that, without additional effort or caregiver workload, will reveal the situation of children.

We invite you to learn more about this through the following video iniciativsa 

You can also visit SEGUISIBEN section. 

To learn how to use and this free tool provided by SIBEN and to active membership, please contact